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Week 3 Highlights- Colts vs. Titans

Indianapolis Colts v Tennessee Titans Photo by Silas Walker/Getty Images


The Colts are 0-3. They did not play well. They have not played well. If you’re looking for good news, they’ve lost to three playoff teams.

First Quarter

Things were going great early on

We also got clarification that we’ve been saying Bobby Okereke’s name wrong this whole time.

We should have seen more of this

Jonathan Taylor ran the ball 10 times for 64 yards. It would have been really neat to see how many yards he could have had if he would have ran the ball 20 times.

This was exciting

Ball security, Darius. You know that.

Second Quarter


Not only did this game just stink all around, but Quenton Nelson got hurt too, so that’s not great.

Good YAC

Michael Pittman Jr. had six catches for 68 yards. MPJ has been a bright spot for this Colts team.

Another bright spot

Nyheim Hines had a great day today. He had five catches for 54 yards to go along with his 6 carries for 25 yards and this touchdown.

Kenny Moore II with the pick

Kenny Moore was up and down in coverage but had a great day against the run.

The Colts didn’t deserve to be in this one

Third Quarter

Please feed Taylor

Content just to let him convert

This was one of a handful of good pass rushes the Colts put together

The officials seemed to miss a lot of calls, but if we’re being honest, the Colts wouldn’t have won even with good officiating. The Titans pushed them around.

Rock Ya-Sin

Ya-Sin has had a good start to the 2021 season, this play just highlights that fact.

Fourth Quarter


Carson Wentz didn’t play well today but for a guy with zero functioning ankles, he was solid. He gave the team a better chance to win than either of the backups would have but it just wasn’t enough. Carson Wentz isn’t really Carson Wentz if he isn’t able to move. We learned that today.

It was at this point I started to feel hope

Hines is a really fun player to watch. I’m usually not in favor of resigning running backs but I’m glad the Colts will have him for his entire prime.

I do believe this was pass interference

I don’t believe that even if it had been called it would have changed the outcome.


With the miss.

Final Thoughts

I don’t have much to say. The Colts did not play well enough to win. Frank Reich refused to lean on his superstar running back when his quarterback was severely limited by injury. The defense, while not amazing today, did enough to keep a bad offense in the game for 3.75 quarters today.

Next week the Colts play a Jacoby Brissett led Dolphins team. If the Colts lose that one, they do need to send Wentz to IR just to preserve the conditional pick that was traded for him.