We are in TROUBLE!

0 and 3 to start the year. We continously start off slow each year. I literally can not say anything but start Eason for the rest of the year so we don't lose a #1 pick because that's where we fall as of today. Cut Wentz (cap savings) and fire the offense coordinator(apparently the brains of the offense last year is with the Eagles) and oline coach(we can't block anyone). I can't with this team anymore. We did Peyton dirty, we Luck dirty and we are in purgatory. No Wentz is not a franchise QB, we do not have a #1 WR, no #1 CB. Also why are we running this stuff cover 2/ Tampa 2 defense... every legit QB we face destroy our secondary. You must invest in your DB room alot remember we went 1sr and 2nd round on DBs (Marlin Jackson and Kelvin Hayden).. sorry for the rant ladies and gents but this Front Office and Coach staff is always making excuses. We literally wasted a freaking 2nd round pick and may lose our high #1 for Wentz... FUC*ING Wentz Also Dayo why draft him and not an LT or grab Leno Jr. Ok im done yall. We will not make the playoffs this year and we will waste another year of JT,QN,Pittman, and the Maniac...

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