Colts Observations after 3 weeks

Let me just start off with going 0-3 sucks. Yes there are plenty of excuses Colts fans can have; terrible schedule, injuries and whatever else. The truth is this is the NFL and no team is going to go lightly on the Colts just because they have had some bad luck.

But I wanted to write this article just to get some observations / frustrations out about our Colts

Bad Coaching

Not just awful offensive play calling, but predictable play calling! I don’t know how many times this year I have seen the Colt’s break the huddle with 10 seconds left on the clock and have to get to the line, change the call at the line and snap with 1 or 0 seconds left on the play clock and it’s a screen! I am so sick and tired of this situation because you have a defense that is just jumping the count because the know the Colts have to snap it! What a huge disadvantage for our O-line.

Imagine our O-line getting the jump/push instead of being reactive because of waiting on the call to come in and having to snap the ball with 1 left on the play clock. I am not saying go no huddle, but I am a fan of the no huddle because your defense can’t change their personal and you don’t have to snap it with 15 seconds left on the play clock, but gives our offense time to adjust instead of continually snapping it with 1 second left on the play clock and the defense pinning their ears back and coming after Wentz.

Defense / Special Teams doesn’t get a free pass here. How many untimely penalties have I seen this year? I feel I saw 2 or 3 pass interference calls yesterday that happened for no reason! Our DB’s have been in position and the ball isn’t even close to the WR, yet for some odd reason our DB’s panic and grab for no reason.

Special Teams, punt return! We just got a 3 and out on the Titans, our D is tired….please do not hit the punter and give them a new set of downs! (We did cause a turnover a few plays later so disaster avoided at the time) On a different note: how do the Colt’s go +3 in the Turnover margin and still lose by 2 scores?

Simple point: Play smarter football

Offensive play calling, lacks creativity

I understand Wentz was hurt yesterday but before the ankle injuries I still thought for years that Frank Reich lacks creativity or is way too predictable on play calling. I have seen 12-year old’s playing Madden with a better offensive game plan that what Frank showed yesterday and frankly over his tenured as the Colts coach.

Can we not go shotgun with 2 stud running backs in the backfield with Hines and Taylor? Our WR’s are pretty good in my opinion but not really going to strike fear into our opponents. Give the defense something to think about with both Taylor and Hines, 2 of our most talented players in the skill position on the field at the same time?! We ran Taylor at FB yesterday on 4th down and guess what…it went for positive yardage!

I will give credit where credit is due, I am a fan of Frank’s willingness to go for it on 4th down.

Mobile QB’s seem to hurt the Colts D

I think our D did a pretty good job yesterday against the Titans and even against the Rams. But something is a common theme through the first 3 games this season and even years past, and that is our D plays really well on 1st and 2nd down and we get into a good situation on 3rd and long, only to have a mobile QB convert and get a new set of downs.

Don’t know what one can do to change this honestly it’s just an observation, I would recommend leaving Darius Leonard as a "spy" on the QB, but it is obviously he is playing hurt and a step slower this year.

You can let me know your thoughts or if you think I am way off on my observations or add yours to the conversation. I am just a Colts fan that is frustrated like most of us with a 0-3 start, but still a fan…Go Colts!

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