Wentz's Ankles Aren't the Reason for Colts' losses, Forgotten Identity From Last Year is

There are a lot of opinions out there on why the Colts are 0-3. If you listen to pundits like Greg Doyel from Indy Star, he'll have you thinking that the Colts are losing because they had a "terrible offseason." This is simply not true. The Colts have exactly who they need to be successful, and all they have to do from this point forward is put in to practice who they were last year: "Balanced."

According to the coaches and team front office, they made it very clear that Carson Wentz, the team's major offseason acquisition was not brought here to be "Superman." Yet, the evidence of the 1st three games suggests otherwise. Carson Wentz has been taking a beating, and its not because of injuries on the line. It's because the coaches have forgotten the team's identity. They have a stud at running back in Jonathan Taylor and two capable TEs who are excellent blockers that could have (and should have) been used to establish the run while the team waits for projected starters Eric Fisher and Braden Smith to get healthy. Regardless of the success rate, at the very least the offense could have used the run to wear opposing defenses down with the threat of setting up the pass with it.

Dispite the slow start, its not to late for the Colts to be the team they were projected by many to be. All they have to do is get back to emphasizing the run like they did last year.

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