Mismanaged Colts, and a crazy trade idea that would benefit everyone

Chris Ballard and Frank Reich have mismanaged the Colts from the offseason to three games in. CB didn't sign any game changing free agents, he traded too much for a fragile QB, and he didn't draft well. Reich has been terrible at his play calling, he doesn't take points, and he is not being wise with his fragile QB.

If they want to do our team any service, they should sit Wentz until he is fully healed. I would even think about trading MPJ to the Chargers for their first rounder. MPJ would love to play with his buddy, Herbert, in LA and get out of this awful QB purgatory situation here in Indy. MPJ may be our best receiver, but he doesn't really produce a lot, and his trade stock is as high as it will ever be.

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