Upcoming Cap and Free Agency

According to OvertheCap the Colts go into the current offseason with about $53,000,000 in cap space. This will most likely increase some after the league comes out with the new cap figures. With that the following players should be at least considered possible cuts.

Potential Cap Cuts

Carson Wentz

  • Cap Number $28,294,119
  • $15,000,000 is guaranteed
  • Savings of about $13,000,000.
T.Y. Hilton

  • Cap Number $2,300,000
  • No guaranteed money.
  • Savings $2,300,000

Jack Doyle

  • Cap Number - $6,200,000
  • $750,000 in roster bonuses only
  • Savings 6,200,000
There are others like Parris Campbell but cap savings pretty low.

Free Agency

The following Colts are some of the key unrestricted free agents

  • Eric Fisher
  • Mark Glowinski
  • Xavier Rhodes
  • Zach Pascal
  • Mo Alie-Cox
  • Al-Quadin Muhammad
  • Chris Reed
  • Julie'n Davenport
There are a lot of starters/contributors on this list. Both Eric Fisher/Mark Glowinski are both starters on our Offensive Line. Mo Alie-Cox has been our best TE in my opinion. Al-Quadin Muhammad is also a defensive line starter.

These are a lot of players the Colts may want to resign during the offseason. With no 1st round draft pick this year the Colts won't be able to easily pick up a day 1 expected starter. Colts fans are also hoping to move on from Wentz but with his Cap number it will most likely come to free agency if they can find an upgrade this year.

Who do you think should be released and resigned?

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