Audition Year now for Wentz and Reich

So after the last two weeks of the season dealing a final nail in the coffin for most of us, and having slept on yesterdays loss, realism sadly has to strike.

Carson Wentz is NOT the answer, his technique is flawed, he is not a clutch QB, whilst he may have had a low INT ratio this year, he is a fumble machine with ball in hand and he has woeful accuracy, but, what he does have is a Bible Study Group with our Head Coach, so, Carson Wentz will be the starting QB next season. Especially as we are on the hook for $20+m this year, even if cutting him does save us $13m.

Realistically, 2022 season is going to be a referendum on both Reich and Wentz. The two are tied together, and, if next season goes the way of this season, then they are both done.

I feel like the 2022 offseason and Draft, with the limited capital we have, needs to be a big focus on Offense, WR, TE and OT depending on players available. People will say pass rush and CB etc are needs, and they are, but I feel like the mindset has to be twofold:

1. Give Wentz the rope to hang himself - We already have an All Pro running back, 4 of the 5 O line pieces are strong, and 1 WR, but, with a better supporting cast, Wentz COULD have a great season, we make a decent run in the playoffs, and we are all happy...ish. However, if it doesn't go well, and, being realistic, it probably won't...

2. We then at least have a decent offense set up for the new guy coming in in 2023 whether that be FA or Rookie.

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