It Wentz too slow

As I watched a number of games this week, I made an uncomfortable observation.

Nearly every successful pass play began with 1-2- maybe 3.

That is the clock ticking in my head watching each QB do his thing. In some cases, the QB clearly made two and three reads. In other cases, it was quickly following one route. Most of the time it was a short to medium pass. Most of the time it was a positive yardage pass. By the time I got to three, the ball was out, for better most of the time, or worse some of time. The bad plays usually occurred when they held onto the ball beyond that. I'm not saying always, but often enough to be noticeable.

Then came the Jacksonville debacle. Re-watch that game and put on the counter. (disclaimer: As a Colts fan, re-watching said contest may cause psychological harm.)

You'll see it. Wentz isn't getting rid of the ball quickly. There is no decisive route, no clear outlet, not clear reads.

So......the conclusion must be:

1. Wentz has taken too many hits to the head and struggles with attention deficit, vision issues, memory retention, or PTSD, or all of the above. Whatever the reason, he is not processing the field fast enough or at all.

2. The play designs may be so reliant on trying to stretch the field that they take entirely too much time to develop. That is on Frank.

3. The WRs are so useless that they cannot shake a booger off their finger, let alone a defender to save their lives.

4. The offensive line is so useless that they cannot stop anyone for 1-2-3. Watch the game. ( I know, I know, painful) Most of the time, there is time.

There is something strange here that bothers me. The GOAT (don't go off on a Manning rant, this is clearly not the time for it) has beaten teams for years by nickel and dimes, short slashing jabs, until teams finally collapse on the short stuff, then he goes for the dollar bill. Brady (I choked typing that) is the master of dink and dunk on a 1-2-3 count. Maybe this is on Frank, because Phillip Rivers had plenty of options (seemed like it). Maybe it is on Wentz not processing things. Either the scheme isn't fitting the team skills or the QB isn't processing the scheme.

I just know I spend an inordinate amount of time being chastised by my wife for screaming," Why didn't you throw it to the open guy?" as Wentz throws into triple, quadruple coverage thirty yards out while the five and ten yard guy is uncovered (yes, on the third, and four to go.) There are too many slow decisions that are chasing lower percentage options. It is possibly year...but it cannot be this disjointed and s-l-o-w. Your thoughts, please. Am I seeing things (or counting too fast in my head) or is this really happening?

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