Thoughts on the Colts

I wanted to preface this by saying I wrote this November 3rd but never saw the right opportunity to post it but now I feel I might as well. Personally I’m pro Reich he’s created top 20 QB play out of Wentz and Brissett I think he should get to mold our next signal caller and be the long term coach but he must let Ballard choose the QB and Ballard has to make the decision sooner than later instead of kicking the can down the road, alas I’ll let you guys read.

I think I’ve come to the dark realization of what’s gonna happen to the Colts down the line. We’ve already seen rumors of how there’s a split in FO about Wentz and not just from Cowherd but Jason Spears came out and said Reich and Wentz are tied to the hip and were given a 2 year audition to prove Wentz was the franchise guy, so far I’d say the results are not looking very good. From my honest assessment of Wentz I’d say he’s better than I had hoped he would be but he’s still just an average QB to me. He’s an average QB with super high variance whether it be being able to put together a couple drives in a row of what looks like elite offense to his mind numbing mistakes in crucial moments. I think at the end of the day I can’t see how the team could realistically reach contender status with him behind the wheel unless they went on a crazy draft luck streak and just filled the roster with multiple AP quality players at crucial spots. With Wentz I see the positive outcome being a middling team that feeds on basement squads and flashes but ultimately always come up short vs the good teams. His play over the course of his career has been somewhat spotty outside of an insane hot stretch and I think it’s likely he never sees that 2017 form for an extended period ever again. So what does that spell down the line for the team? Well dark times in my opinion, ultimately although I question Ballard more than others I do not think he’s an idiot. More than likely I think he’ll pull the plug on the Wentz experiment and ultimately it will also be Reich who will take the fall with him. In turn the Colts will be in the spot they’ve been trying to avoid and kick down the road for a couple years since Luck retired. They’ll be at the crossroads of having to tear it down and try to go for a rebuild around drafting a QB. For some this sounds dark and grim and honestly it is, it’s not a fun spot to be in. Many of the players some have grown to love will be flipped, we’ll be doing everything we can to build up an asset bank to try and get through a full rebuild. Honestly I do not think Ballard will be able to see that through either, more than likely I think someone else will be the guy who gets the crack at trying to rebuild this franchise. Ultimately this is what I’m thinking happens, obviously I don’t have a crystal ball but from everything I’ve seen and how the NFL operates I think our team is gonna be in total rebuild with a different HC and GM in the not so distant future.

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