Ballard is currently preparing this years rendition of " We’re not in our contention window "

Chris Ballard has proven himself to be a master of managing high expectations. He likes to make the point, seems like every offseason, that the Colts are not quite SB contenders. Last years version was told to the media on 2/6/21. Ballard said " everyone keeps saying we’re in our window. We’re not in our window. It might be cracking. "

Ballard might be well advised to can this years version. It is likely to fall on deaf ears. That’s deaf ears with the owner, the media, and the fans. I can’t imagine that anyone wants to hear that self serving tune this year. After all, Ballard himself, takes some blame for this years team not contending. And, really, imploding in weeks 17, and 18.

Ballard had the audacious gall to bring Carson Wentz to Indy, off of a very down year, and provide him with Michael Pittman, and very little else, to throw the ball to. You can’t do that. Ballard gets blame for that.

In five drafts, CB has largely ignored the TE position. He finally threw the fans a bone by drafting Granson, in the 4th round. But Granson provided the Colts little, to nothing, in the passing game. Doyle is a good career Colt. But he is aging, and not a downfield threat. Cox is mediocre, at best, in the passing game. As I like to say, the last time the Colts franchise went to a SB without a big time TE is never. In our 4 SB appearances we had either the great John Mackey, or another excellent receiving TE Dallas Clark. That fact is not by accident. The position matters. It should not be ignored.

At WR, Ballard relied on Hilton, and Campbell to be our #2 guy to Pittman. That reliance was ill conceived from day one. TY is a great Colt. A ring of honor guy. But he’s had injury issues since 2018. That continued this year. His production was very limited. Campbell has been injury prone since he stepped onto the LOS field. Ballard ignored his Colts history, and relied on Campbell staying healthy. We all know how that worked out. Campbell was hurt for most of the season. Ballard should not be able to deflect blame for TY, and Campbell’s injuries. They were foreseeable. It’s on Ballard.

Ballard also chose to gamble on the critical LT position. Some turnstile journeymen were brought in. Followed by Eric Fisher off an Achilles tear. Again, with Wentz coming off a catastrophic year in Philly. He passed on drafting a LT, in the first, and second rounds. Instead, he drafted Kwity Paye in the first round. He provided all of 4 sacks. He drafted Dayo Odeyingbo in the second round, Coming off a serious injury, he played all of 6 games, with one sack. I understand that both Kwitty, and Dayo can develop going forward. But drafting two presumed pass rushers did nothing for LT. The LT position remains open going into the 2022, offseason. We have no 1st round pick to address it.

Ballard is a good GM. But not a great GM. People think he’s great. So, that makes him overrated. Ballard needs to stop reading his press clippings. CB needs to start drafting the premium positions early. I’m suggesting first round early. Ballard has avoided drafting a franchise QB, a franchise LT, a shut down corner in the first round. He’d rather have other teams hand him a franchise QB, and a franchise LT. That’s unlikely to happen. Especially with the QB position. We did, after all, have the # 3 pick in the 2018 draft. Can you say Josh Allen? Plenty of red flags with A. Luck going into that draft.

So, Ballard should save his breath on the window baloney. Instead, he’d be better served figuring out what he’s going to do with Wentz. The owner wants 2 Lombardi’s. Hard to foresee that happening, with the flawed Wentz. Also, please figure out what we’re going to do at some very critical positions, like LT, WR #2, TE, cover corner, and edge.

Ballard should be given performance pressure in the 2022 season. Reading the tea leaves it appears that Irsay might be doing just that.

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