PFF 2021 Season QB Rankings (Mostly for Reference for Discussion)

PFF 2021 QB Rankings

People are now calling for Wentz's head, and I think everybody should take a deep breath and a few weeks before we jump to that conclusion. It may be the correct take in the end, but I think we should have some rational conversations before we all assume that is the correct choice (as if we had a say).

I was looking for some generic rankings to wrap my head around the season as a whole for starting QB's. While I know we all don't respect PFF, it was a place to start.

As most probably guessed, Wentz is right about average at number 20 after the final game. Before Jacksonville, his ranking was 18. I don't pay for access, so I cannot see all the detailed rankings.

I find it interesting what QBs Wentz is in company with, some which people have claimed would be an upgrade: Tua, Wilson, Matt Ryan, Taysom Hill, Carr. Obviously this year would be an outlier for Wilson, who easily has his worst year statistically for a variety of reasons I am not smart enough to breakdown. Normally Wilson is a top 5 QB, so obviously his value outweighs his statistics this offseason.

This is all just for everyone to pick apart and discuss. I am curious.

1. What QB in the rankings near Wentz do you feel would still be an upgrade? Why?

2. What QB near the top do you feel could potentially be available via trade and what would we have to give up?

3. Any other random thoughts.

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