My gut tells me we're stuck with Wentz at least one more season

Looking at the current state of the NFL, there really isn't a better option for next year, and I think we're stuck with Prince Harry.

Let's be honest...Rodgers and Wilson aren't going anywhere. There may be a lot of smoke blown during the off-season (hey, those journalists have a lot of lean weeks to fill) but Green Bay and Seattle both know how valuable those guys are. There may be some posturing by both sides, but eventually they'll both remain where they are.

The Draft doesn't look like it has much to offer...we have no first round pick, and short of giving up out All-Pros in a trade, we don't have the assets to trade up to get one. SO that avenue is pretty much closed unless we take a stab in the dark on someone in the later rounds, and that's not a plan, that's a crapshoot.

SO that leaves us with either trading for some other teams retread (Kirk COusins, Jimmy Garopollo, Derek Carr), and honestly, while I do think they are all upgrades, they aren't significantly better than Wentz - or we pick up one of the available free agents and really, they are free agents for a reason. Jameis Winston might be the best of the bunch and I think he'd be way too expensive for only a marginal difference.

SO after all that rambling, it leaves me to believe we will stand pat this off-season, barring some out of the blue scenario. Since he can't improve QB, he'll get us a new LT (maybe Orlando Brown) focus HARD on upgrading the pass rush (that'll go the furthest in improving our defense) and maybe shift around some of the position coaches to focus more on development.

I'd like to be rid of him because I think he's at his ceiling right now, but we might just need to be patient.

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