Allen Robinson should be a priority!

A-Rob is a FA after being franchised last offseason by Chicago. He had a down year, but I attribute that more to Nagy and the carousel of QBs they have used. A-Rob has proven that he is an elite and top 10 caliber WR #1. He is only 28 years old and would be a perfect fit for this offense as he is also an elite blocker. T.Y. Has lost more than one step. I love T.Y. But if he thinks he deserves anywhere near the amount of money he received last offseason, he’s crazy. T.Y. Should be welcomed back as his leadership is needed and guidance to our younger wideouts can’t be overlooked. T.Y back on 1 year 5mil or less would be alright. Pittman is good but does not have the IT factor to make him elite. He is an elite blocker but is no more than a really good number 2 on a championship caliber roster. Pittman cannot be our #1. A-Rob is 28 years old and has proven his ability. T.Y on a 1 year 5 mil and A-Rob on 1 year 10mil would give us a solid wideout group

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