Plan B

I think most of us believe that given Wentz' contract, the weak rookie class, the weak free-agent crop, and our lack of trade capital, it is pretty likely that he will be under center for game 1 next season. However, I think that the leash is so short, that plan B has to be ready at a moments notice.

Given the sour taste in our mouth, just what could the Colts and Wentz do between now and late August to make us feel good about the coming year? Well, he could meet with his receivers before camp to establish some chemistry. Oh wait, he already did that. We could have him pair up with a throwing coach to get him away from those bad mechanics. Hmm, did that last year too. How about getting him reunited with his former coach to get the best out of him? Maybe he just needs to be behind a great line to get it worked out? What I am trying to say, is that a lot of effort was spent on getting him "back to MVP" status, to the bad side of mixed results. I'm curious about how the Colts plan to get this bad taste out of our mouth?

So, if he is plan A, then the Colts will certainly try to improve his weapons. This could be tough? Just like Frank Gore saying to Andre Johnson about "That dude in Indy", other conversations for potential receivers might sound more like "That dud in Indy". It is conceivable that our receiving options are the same as this year, minus two old pros. A WR would also have to know that we will be north of 50% running, versus passing.

Just how much of an upgrade at WR, TE, and even LT, would it take for you to say, "yeah, Wentz can thrive with this"? Now add this question: How much time are you going to give him to show he has made the leap? For the sake of argument, lets say we open hosting the Chargers. We watch Herbert take them in for a score on the opening drive. Our series starts with a minimal gain from Taylor, then a messed up looking WR screen to set up 3rd and 7. Wentz takes too long to find a short rout and panics his pass into the dirt. Imagine what the stadium sounds like at that moment? Now think about it, if we have added (theoretically) Ertz and Ridley.

At that moment, we've fucked up for not just cutting him. Ballard has screwed the pooch for sticking with him, and Reich is being questioned for not just running it 3 times. Twitter blows up (whatever that is) as Frank pats him on the back on way off the field and security has to stand behind him on the bench to prevent objects from being thrown. We are officially "toast", 10 minutes into the season.

This is why there has to be a plan B. Currently, plan B revolves around a 6th round pick with questionable measurables being able to step and run the show. If that is the plan, then there needs to be enough of the offense built around what Ehlinger can do, for him to be able to comfortably step in. The team needs to be ready as much for a Wentz poor performance, as much or more than they would for an injury. I'm not here to argue if that is enough of a plan B, but my thought would be that it is not.

If plan B is to bring in a vet as a backup, you are not going to find one without flaws, so again, there has to be an offense created for that guy, or you are looking for a QB with the same skill set (I hear ya) as Wentz. Among those vets are a few who you might be able to make a case for, but there would be just as many negative aspects to pick apart and they may not come in with even with as fan confidence as Wentz did.

Without a first round pick, you don't even have much of a chance at the marginal class of rookies. I don't care how far down they have the top 4 ranked QBs, they will all end up in the top half of round one. I actually sort of like Howell and see his drop-off this year more as a reflection of losing two RBs and two WRs to last years draft. He added more running to his repertoire, which isn't a bad thing in today's NFL. He's not big, so you cant think prototypical, but I don't think arm strength is an issue. Anyway, I don't see how he would get past Carolina, or at worst, past the Lions 2nd 1st round pick at 27. I would guess it would take our 2nd round pick this year, and our 1st next to secure a QB from the draft this year, and we already know what we think about not having a 1st round pick.

There is good news. We have an offense that doesn't need an All-Pro at QB. As Ballard said in his presser, "Make the layups". We don't need to chuck 3's, just hit the higher pct. shots. I know the plan right now has to be to change Wentz' stripes to one of Checkdown Charlie. In the mean time, you best be having Ehlinger do the same, and/or be bringing in a vet that already possesses game manager qualities.

I guess the way I want to leave this is, yeah, we probably have to roll with Wentz. But, given the history of Colts slow starts, you best be able to switch gears quickly, or you are risking losing the fan base very quickly.

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