QB what is next

I was thinking Jimmy G will be cut and maybe he could be someone to get to either push Wentz or replace him until we find the guy. Now after watching the playoff game thinking forget it unless you cut Wentz and Jimmy signs a cheap contract. Hurts is not going to lead the Eagles to the Super Bowl, so a Hurts light like Sam most likely not it. So what do the Colts do, most of the ratings for the draft QB's are not great so should you forget trading up. So you have Wentz, Jimmy G, Trubisky, Winston, Foles, the red rifle, Geno Smith, really nothing there that makes you think this is nothing but a small upgrade from Wentz maybe. Is it worth it to saddle Frank with yet a fifth starter in five years, ok maybe. Do you tell Wentz redo your contract or we will cut you, you get the 15 million but the rest of it you only get if you lead us to the playoffs and play 90 percent of the snaps? Or do you just sign one of the above cheap and take you lumps, but hey you have to pay Wentz 15 million, and then pay say Jimmy G or take your pick guy something to be your starter, we paid JB a lot of money to do QB sneaks. I guess we are in QB hell. So who would you pick? I change my mind daily, but do believe forget the money part if it's Wentz it's one and done year, if you sign another vet it could be one and done too, so to me it's what does it do to the team that matters and I guess only Frank, CB and Irsay can guess at.

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