So the Draft is coming up Quality over Quantity

Ballard has a very important draft this year depending on how he handles FA, and what did Irsay tell him in that meeting after the awful TEAM loss to the Jags! So most would agree that we need LT, QB, Rush DE, TE then after that some like myself say WR is high on the list, CB thinks we are fine there. We have 8 selections if the comp picks for JB and Autry come through, my position is trade up in any round you can if you like the guy use those 4-7 picks to move up. CB and Irsay did a wonderful job when they moved up for Taylor at Irsay's suggestion. CB did move up for Willis too, so I think you can fill those late round choices with UDFA's, gems have been found there Jack D and K. Moore. Here is a list that might be our draft order. Bored with the season over so just dreaming.

  1. Round 2 | No. 47 overall
  2. Round 3 | No. 82 overall
  3. Round 4 | No. 118 overall
  4. Round 5 | No. 157 overall
  5. Round 5 | TBD (projected comp. pick)
  6. Round 6 | TBD (projected comp. pick)
  7. Round 7 | No. 236 overall
  8. Round 7 | No. 237 overall (from PHI)

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