Should we trade for Robert Woods (WR)?

My Off-season ideas if we trade for Robert Woods.

Free Agency additions

1. Levi Wallace

He's Buffalo no.2 CB but in all likelihood would be our no.1. Levi has filled in for Tredavios White as the Bills top corner back so this role wouldn't be totally new to him. Wallace is only 26 at the moment so pairing him with Rock could give us a solid duo for a few years. (Replaces Xavier Rhodes)

2. Quandre Diggs

Before he was hurt in the last game of the season he was headed to a big pay day. In similar fashion to Fisher I would grab him now that he is hurt and let him fully recover and rehab. He played for Detriot and shined after getting in the Seahawks defensive system. He has incredible range and gives us a dynamic we had with Hooker, a Safety with the ability to play single high. (Replaces Carrie and Sendejo)


Colts 5th and 7th


Rams Robert Woods WR

Logic for the Rams, they are against the cap (they live there). They have OBJ (star power) in the building and need money to keep him. They can free up cash with this trade while acquiring cheap contracts (late draft picks) to fill out their top heavy roster. Plus he is coming off a injury.

Logic for the Colts, we get a dynamic weapon that has at least 85 catches, 1 rushing TD and at least 1 twenty yard run since 2018 (except this year he was injured). He's from USC and already has a bond with MPJ. He has put up numbers with Stafford, Goff, Tyrod Taylor and EJ Manuel. His contract for the next two years is 13,750,000 (remember we paid TY 10 million) and 2025 it's 15.5 million.

Robert Woods (Replaces TY Hilton)


2nd George Pickens WR 6'3 200lbs

George Pickens looked like a top 5 WR while playing with JT Daniels at Georgia. His body control, strength and willingness to give up his body by going across the middle or diving for balls makes him a great prospect for Carson Wentz and the Colts. He isn't a burner but has enough deep speed to separate.

High-end comp: Allen Robinson

3rd Jake Ferguson TE 6'5 245lbs

Jake Ferguson is a blue collar, throw back TE with some catching ability. He will come in and make the correct blocks and make a few catches. This pick gives JT a old college buddy to run behind in the offense.

High-end comp: Jack Doyle

4th Brian Asamoah LB 6'1 228lbs

I'm looking for a replacement for Bobby O. He's been phenomenal playing next to the Manic but can we really afford to pay 2 LBs? In comes Brian Asamoah. His awareness and hustle will help him fit into our LB corp.

High-end comp: Mack Wilson

5th Rachaad White RB 6'2 210lbs

Rachaad White is a offense weapon. He has all of the same abilities as Hines but he's 6'2. In the same mold of Cordarrelle Patterson I would have him on special teams, flex out wide, in the wild cat and giving JT a breather.

High-end comp: TJ Yeldon

6th Terrel Bernard LB 6'1 222lbs

Terrel Bernard as a non stop motor and coverage ability. I see his early contributions on special teams.

7th Storm Duck CB 6ft 202lbs

Storm Duck is a aggressive CB. Very physical in coverage some of which may leads to PI in the NFL.

Unfortunately we can't solve all of our holes in one Off-season. I believe these moves remove the excuse of lack offensive weapons.

Hopefully the development of Dayo and Paye can help solve the DE position. We have a Off-season and one more year to evaluate Wentz and Fisher but overall this adds horse power to our offense and possible building blocks for the future

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