Trade for Jordan Love?

Jordan Love was the 26th pick of the 2020 draft. He was highly regarded among Colt's fans, judging by the comments I read at the time. He has been backup to Aaron Rodgers for two years and has been widely regarded as the cause of Aaron Rodgers dissatisfaction. When the Packers drafted Love, instead of going for more weapons for Rodgers, Rodgers interpreted it that he was being planned for replacement.

The Packers went 13-3 in 2020 and 13-4 this year. Head Coach Matt LaFleur seems to have a good working relationship with Aaron Rodgers. GM Brian Gutekunst showed that he was willing to stack the team for Rodgers this past off-season ... adding Randall Cobb at Rodgers request, and listening to Rodgers at every turn.

So ... the Packers seem willing to buy into a few remaining Aaron Rodgers years. They should trade Jordan Love, and use the picks to add critical pieces of talent.

Jordan Love was a 1.26 pick. A draft value chart says that the 1.26 pick for this year is worth 700 points. And the draft value of the Colts 2.47 is 430 points. The 3.82 is 180 points. Those two about equal the value of the 1.30 pick ... worth 620 points. The Packers traded their 1.30 pick, plus a 4th round pick, to move up to the 1.26.

The Colts could offer their 2nd and their 3rd. The Packers would have essentially paid a 4th round pick for two years of backup QB. The Colts would get a QB prospect with 2 years of remaining rookie contract, with an option year.

Needless to say, the Colts best option then is to release Wentz, to save salary cap, and have 2nd year Sam Ehlinger backup 3rd year Jordan Love. The next two years would be low rent at QB, which makes the Wentz dead money not a problem.

What about it ... start the Love Train?

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