WR -Thinking of something else

We need help at WR. It is a priority. There are four things I am thinking about for next year.

First, I believe both Hilton and Pascal are gone. They need to be replaced.

Second, I'd like Campbell to return and really wish he could become the #3 receiver, but at this point I cannot count on anything from him.

Third, I think the team truly needs competition for Pittman as the #1 option. This is not a dig on Pittman. Far from it. He did a great job as the #1 receiver this past season and is only going to get better. But think of it, if someone is good enough to come in and challenge him for #1, it only makes the team that much better,

Fourth, more of a general question. As I see it, we have Strachan, Dulin, Patmon, Coutee, and Harris possibly returning. Not all of them will make the squad. Strachan, Dulin, Patmon are kind of from the same mold (i.e., big body receiver that moves very well speed wise for their size). Coutee and Harris are also from the same mold (i.e., smaller and speedier). My question is, individually what would Strachan, Dulin, Patmon, Coutee, and Harris each have to improve on in the off season in order to enhance their chances of becoming the 3rd, 4th or 5th receiver.

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