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Former Colts’ Defensive Back Darius Butler Expresses Interest in Becoming Team’s Next DC

Tennessee Titans v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

With Matt Eberflus being named the next head coach of the Chicago Bears, the Indianapolis Colts will now be looking for a new defensive coordinator.

Former defensive back Darius Butler has recently expressed interest in being considered for the position.

Butler appeared on The Pat McAfee Show Friday to discuss his interest in the position and what he could bring as a former player.

“I’ve already reached out to Chris (Ballard), and the worst they can say is no,” Butler said. “This is an opportunity I couldn’t let go by without at least throwing my hat in there.”

When asked if he would be able to dedicate the necessary amount of hours needed as a defensive coordinator, Butler answered with zero hesitation.

“Just to be transparent, that was one of the questions Chris (Ballard) asked,” Butler said. “I’m ready for the grind, but I’m definitely not gonna be working myself to death.”

Butler also talked about his previous experience as a defensive back in the NFL over nine years and how that could come into play as a defensive coordinator.

“I’ve got a different POV,” Butler said. “Being out there for nine years; being on the field; having to execute at a high level; having to communicate a high level; knowing what different guys are going through; knowing how different guys learn.”

As Butler mentioned, he played in the NFL for nine years, six of which he spent with the Colts, playing both cornerback (outside and slot) as well as free safety when needed.

Butler goes on to briefly mention specific players, including Darius Leonard, DeForest Buckner, Julian Blackmon and Kenny Moore, as well as the roster’s uniqueness.

“You’ve got guys like The Maniac, (Darius) Leonard; he can do a lot of things on the football field, Kenny Moore, (Julian) Blackmon; ‘DeFo’ (DeForest Buckner),” Butler said. “You’ve got guys all up and down that defense and that roster that you can do things with.”

Above all, though, Butler said he would be thrilled to be the Colts’ defensive coordinator and talked about the unique perspective he could bring.

“I would love the opportunity to be the Colts’ defensive coordinator,” Butler said. “I think I could bring some fresh blood and change some things on that defense.”

The Colts will certainly do their due diligence as they search for a new defensive coordinator, but Butler’s interest is certainly noteworthy. Perhaps the team will give the former defensive back a look in the near future.