On to Jacksonville!!

Can we just thank our lucky stars we’re playing the worst team in the NFL for a shot at the playoffs!

I’ll be the 1st to say Raiders game was bad all around. Wentz looked like a QB who hadn’t practiced all week and was recovering from Covid symptoms, the play calling was a little conservative/vanilla, the O-line pass pro was atrocious, and the defense and special teams looked a step too slow the whole game, outside of JT wasn’t really a lot of bright spots. And credit to the Raiders, hungry dog runs faster and they looked like they wanted it more than we did.

I’m just glad we’re about to play a 2-14 team on their 2nd head coach, with a rookie QB and a fan base that has completely turned on them and ownership. Let’s take care of business this week and clinch a playoff berth. 1-0!!!


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