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NFL fans agree Bills vs Chiefs was the best Divisional Round game but are split on overtime rules

NFL: AFC Divisional Round-Buffalo Bills at Kansas City Chiefs Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Conference Championship games today have a lot to live up to. Last week’s Divisional Round matchups included three underdogs winning on last-second field goals, and one of the greatest playoff quarterback duals all-time that ended in overtime. The biggest black mark on the weekend was that Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes had their fate determined by a coin flip due to some ridiculous NFL playoff overtime rules.

It’s no surprise that NFL fans view the Bills vs Chiefs as the most entertaining game of the Divisional Weekend by a wide margin.

What might be more surprising is that, even in the face of a pretty loud and public outcry from fans and analysts on the news and on social media, the support for a change of overtime rules isn’t as strong as one might have thought. The majority of responding fans want to see NFL overtime rules changed in the playoffs but you have to wonder if the opinion wouldn’t even be 63% if the question hadn’t been asked shortly after the Bills vs Chiefs game.

No matter, the NFL season moves on today with most fans wanting to see two potentially powerful offenses go at it again. The best defenses in the playoffs have already been eliminated but Patrick Mahomes and Joe Burrow will face off at Arrowhead today and that’s the showdown most fans are looking forward to watching.

As for the Super Bowl? Fans want to see the Chiefs face off against the Rams in Los Angeles. An interesting note for that game is that this would be the second time in history that a team hosted the Super Bowl in its own stadium, with the Bucs doing so in Tampa Bay last season.

The only team who would have appeared in both, if fans get what they want, will be the Chiefs as visitors in back-to-back seasons with a road disadvantage. It’ll be interesting to see how the NFL handles these games moving forward. Something doesn't feel right about any team in the Super Bowl getting a home-field advantage. NBA has a series, which splits that advantage. NCAA has all neutral field/court bowl and tournament games.

One game to decide a champion and that team has home-field? Seems odd.

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