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Colts’ stock up/stock down: Week 17 vs. Raiders

Las Vegas Raiders v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Stock Up

Darius Leonard

This was a DPOY type of game for Darius Leonard, who racked up seven tackles, a forced fumble, and an interception. The Maniac finally looks healthy from that ankle injury that was bothering him early on this season, and that first step explosiveness and athleticism is key for his playing style, as he relies a lot on it to be able to make plays on the ball.

Isaiah Rodgers

What a season this has been for Isaiah Rodgers, who has established himself as the #2 cornerback going forward with this team. Over the past 5 games, Rodgers has allowed just 13 receptions on 21 targets (117 coverage snaps played), for 150 yards and 2 touchdowns, while getting an interception (last game against the Raiders). The cornerback room has been perhaps the Colts’ best position group this season. RockYa-Sin and Isaiah Rodgers have emerged as the boundary corners going forward, with Kenny Moore II locking down the slot.

Quenton Nelson

Quenton Nelson returned to the lineup after missing the past game because of COVID. While Nelson has not been able to stay on the field consistently this season, earlier because of back/ankle injuries, he played through it and his level of play was clearly not at the same level it was in previous years (keep in mind that Nelson at 75% is better than most of the other guards in the NFL). However, now finally healthy, Nelson is certainly getting back to his dominant form. Against the Raiders he had one of his best games of the season in pass protection, allowing no pressures.

Matt Pryor

What a trade Ballard pulled off for Matt Pryor. A backup tackle with the Eagles, Pryor filled in admirably at right tackle when Braden Smith was out and was surprisingly solid replacing Eric Fisher at left tackle against the Raiders. The question has to be asked, do the Colts move forward with Pryor, or do they keep playing the struggling Fisher?

Stock Down

Carson Wentz

Terrible game from Carson Wentz, who once again has severely disappointed Colts fans in a game against a quality opponent. Wentz did not look sharp at all, making dumb mistakes, throwing errant passes, and failing to get any sort of momentum going for the offense. With defenses focusing more and more on stopping the run game led by Jonathan Taylor, Wentz will need to improve for the Colts to be able to keep defenses honest.

Zach Pascal

What a disappointing season this has been for Zach Pascal. At the beginning of the year, it looked like he was starting to emerge into the #2 receiver role, catching 3 touchdowns in the first 2 games. Since then, Pascal has caught 28 of 56 targets, for 296 yards and no touchdowns. Clearly, he is not suited for a big role in an offense and works best as a complementary piece.

Kenny Moore II

Tough game for Kenny, who was abused by Hunter Renfrow all game long, including the two most important plays of the game: The 4th down touchdown, and the 3rd and long completion that set up the game-winning field goal.

George Odum

Odum had been playing really well after finally getting some snaps as a starter, but he struggled against the Raiders in the passing game while arriving late in several situations. Once Sendejo is clear to return it will be interesting to see the snap split between these two.