Observations vs Jaguars

1 If I was a Jacksonville fan I would be excited what I witnessed with Lawrence. Likely his best game of the year, totally handled the Colts and was dead on accurate. If Jacksonville gets the right pieces in the off season they could flip the won/loss total just like Peyton did his 2nd year

2 One of my favorite players is Kenny Moore, a great slot corner. However the past two games he has been abused. When Ya-Sin went out, without Rhoades, I thought the Colts would be ok but Lawrence/Marvin Jones ripped them. Not sure what was wrong with the secondary, they reverted to the Ravens game

3 Okereke is a good athlete but he does not get off blocks and gets out of position Colts could look for an upgrade

4 Fisher picked a terrible time for his worst game going into free agency

5 Saw Addae replace George Odom at safety, not sure why, Odom could be gone

6 The lack of pass rush is a whole the Colts will have to fix in free agency

7 The past two game Wentz has played poorly Sure, the offensive line was terrible today but he was again inaccurate and held the ball too long The pick was an awful play Maybe they send out trade feelers though likely no takers At times this year he looked like a Super Bowl qb Not sure how he recovers

8 At times this year this looked like the best team in the NFL. Then today happens and you see holes all over the place If you did not pay attention to the spread or the record the quicker more physical team won today, the team with the far better quarterback

9 The was a root canal to watch, I will take awhile but I will eventually move on

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