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Week 6 Colts vs. Jaguars Highlights

Highlights from Colts vs. Jags on 10/16/2022

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Indianapolis Colts Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Somehow the 2022 Indianapolis Colts have a winning record. Coming into week six the Colts offense was bad across the board. Their problems, inarguably, started with the offensive line. As a result the Colts have worked to reshuffle the line and today, they weren’t awful. They were just bad and this team is good enough to score points when the line is better than awful.

Let’s take a look at some of the best plays from Sunday’s win.

First Quarter

Good day rushing the passer

Things didn’t start quickly for the Indianapolis Colts offense, but DeForest Buckner did his part, sacking Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback, Trevor Lawrence.

The Rook

After giving up a bad rushing touchdown the Colts offense put together a nice drive late in the first quarter. On this play Jelani Woods made a tough catch down field for a nice gain.

MPJ All Day

Michael Pittman Jr. also let us all know that today was going to be his day. Pittman ended the day with 13 catches for 134 yards.

Second Quarter

Parris Campbell redemption game

Campbell wanted to remind everyone that he was on the team too. Campbell had 7 catches for 57 yards and this touchdown. It was good to see #1 get involved.

Kylen Granson had a nice day

The Colts had to have someone get open on this third and 10 and Kylen Granson came through in a big way. He finished with 4 for 38.

Things were looking up

Going into the half only down by one point felt like a nice change of pace for this team.

Third Quarter

Deon Jackson played a good game

Jackson did more as a receiver than as a runner, hauling in 10 balls for 79 yards but he did punch this one in for six.

The tides were turning

The Colts defense gave up a lot of long runs but they came up big on fourth down when it mattered.

Fourth Quarter

Jelani Woods again

Woods is doing a lot more than I expected him to this early. Rookie tight ends usually take a lot of time to develop and the fact that he’s producing this way so early is very encouraging for the future.


When the Colts offense needed to pick up 10 yards on third down with 49 seconds left to play down by a point, Matt Ryan threw it to Michael Pittman Jr. and MPJ came up big.

I can’t get over this play.

The Colts are in a third and 13, down by a point with 23 seconds to play. They’re just barely in field goal range, so they hand the ball off to set up the long field goal try, right?

No. They send their 6’3” rookie wide receiver on a go route, Matt Ryan throws a good ball, his 42nd completion of the day (a new Colts franchise record) and Alec Pierce makes a tough catch for the game winning touchdown, his first as a pro.

The guts it takes to call this play and then the execution from Ryan and Pierce both is amazing.

Two points

The Colts extended the lead to seven points with this two-point conversion. The game was all but over.

Final Thoughts on Week Six

Matt Ryan played his best game as a Colt going 42/58 (72.4%) for 389 yards, 3 touchdowns and 0 interceptions. It’s also interesting that the Colts offense came out firing with Ryan from the first drive of the game. They threw the ball early and often, getting it out of his hand quick. They went up tempo and this was the result.

Another thing to note is that the offensive line was bad today, which is actually a big improvement from weeks 1-5. But like I said leading up to the game, a bad offensive line can be worked around, an awful one cannot be.

I’ve also started to see a narrative floating around that Matt Pryor played well at guard today. That’s not true:

And these are just the plays I noticed him being awful, I assure you, there will be more once I start to look for them. Matt Pryor is bad at tackle, he’s bad at guard, he’s just not good at NFL football.

Pryor’s poor play aside, it was good to see the Colts get a win while scoring more than 20 points. There is still a lot the Colts need to figure out if they hope to be playing meaningful games in December but they’re making progress and somehow, after six weeks this Colts team has a winning record.

Enjoy it.