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Reich’s Best/Worst Decisions: Week 6 vs. Jaguars

Jacksonville Jaguars v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Frank Reich Hot Seat Meter: 25% (Great win for the Colts that gives them some much needed fresh air)

Best Decisions

Adjusting the time to throw by Matt Ryan, going no-huddle

Considering how bad the offensive line was playing, Matt Ryan needed to get the ball out faster. The sacks were definitely not his fault, as Reich seemed to be calling plays that took longer to develop just way too often. Against Jacksonville, there was an abundance of quick hitters, and Ryan went to his checkdown a lot (13 targets to the running backs, 10 to Deon Jackson alone.) The Colts also utilized the no-huddle a lot more, gassing the Jaguars’ defensive front, and as Ryan Kelly said “I’ll take a tired offensive lineman against a tired defensive lineman any week.”

Spreading the ball on offense

58 passing attempts is a lot, and with the return of Jonathan Taylor and Nyheim Hines to the lineup hopefully next week, the Colts will probably not pass the ball that much again this season, but what they did yesterdat was notable. 3 players received 10+ targets (Michael Pittman Jr., Parris Campbell, and Deon Jackson), the two rookies caught a touchdown pass (Jelani Woods and Alec Pierce), and Kylen Granson was once again involved in the gameplan and helped move the chains a couple of times. Overall a great day in the office for the receiving group and kudos to the coaching staff for engineering opportunities for all of them.

Defensive line stunts

The Colts’ defensive line is managing to bring consistent pressure week in and week out, and that is in big part because of how Bradley is allowing the defensive linemen much more freedom to rush the passer, of course, this freedom came with a cost as...

Worst Decisions

Miscommunications on defense leading to big runs

The allowed freedom means that the Colts are much less disciplined on the gaps and as a result allowed some big runs to the Jaguars yesterday, a 62-yard touchdown run to Jamycal Hasty and a 48-yard run to Etienne. They were managing to avoid those during the first 5 weeks, but it all seemed to implode on Sunday. The Jaguars got 243 rushing yards, by far the highest the Colts have allowed this young season.

Giving Facyson 24 snaps to Rodgers 32

There is no reason why Brendan Facyson is still playing so much this season. He is still getting important snaps, and it just seems like he makes several key mistakes every single game, while in contrast, Rodgers is constantly making plays. The recent trend is encouraging , as Rodgers has gotten more snaps than Facyson each of the past 3 games, but moving forward Facyson should not be getting any snaps at all.