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Colts Head Coach Frank Reich Conference Call

Indianapolis Colts Head Coach Frank Reich Spoke To The Media Today On His Weekly Conference Call

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Indianapolis Colts Robert Scheer-USA TODAY Sports

Indianapolis Colts head coach Frank Reich had his weekly conference call today with the media and gave several updates.

Frank Reich opened his media conference call by giving updates on some of the team's injured players. The significant injury from the Jacksonville Jaguars game was wide receiver Keke Coutee who went down hard after a hit to the head and had to leave the game immediately. Coutee is in the league's concussion protocol and likely out this week while he recovers.

Reich went on to talk about free safety Julian Blackmon who was not ruled out of the game but didn’t play any snaps on the day. Reich said Blackmon was active as an emergency safety as he didn’t make the necessary progress in the week physically to start or play meaningful snaps. With the good play from rookie safety Rodney Thomas there was no need to risk Blackmon and instead he was rested for future games.

Reich spoke about the Colts offense and how they used no huddle play calls to speed up things on offense and the positive outing the offense had because of it. The Colts offense looking significantly better in the hurry up offense but like Reich says it does give the offense an advantage as the defense has no time to substitute but it also negates the offense’s opportunity to be multiple and substitute themselves. The hurry up offense is a great tool on offense but Reich does mention that it will be a week to week decision rather than an offensive staple going forward. Not to forget several players spoke about the effectiveness of the no huddle offense but also about how much of a strain it is physically and how much it tested their conditioning.