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Colts’ Stat of the Game: Week 6 vs. Jaguars

Jacksonville Jaguars v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

The Simple: Matt Ryan over 350 yards, 72% completion rate, 3 touchdowns.

There is a simple answer as to why the Colts won the game against the Jaguars, and that is how well the passing attack performed. It was all in sync, this was not only because of Matt Ryan, who played a really solid football game, but also Frank Reich opening up the playbook and scheming different receivers open throughout the game, the wide receivers making the plays when it mattered the most, Deon Jackson being an excellent checkdown option, as he corraled all 10 of his targets, and the tight ends doing their part. The no-huddle offense and quick hitting passes seem to have really worked for the passing offense, and Frank should stay the course. Once JT and Nyheim Hines return, this offense could finally start looking the way it was supposed to be.

The underlying: Colts allowed a whopping 243 rushing yards, pass defense held Lawrence to 136 net passing yards, Matt Pryor allowed 5 pressures at guard, Nelson/Kelly/Smith dominant, Tyquan Lewis 5 pressures.

The run defense had been dominant this season, other than 2 quarters against the Titans. Against the Jaguars, they just crumbled. Not only did they allow two massive runs, one even for a 62-yard touchdown on 3rd and short, but it seemed like the Jags’ were getting the running lanes open every single rushing attempt. On the other hand, the passing defense seems to have figured out Lawrence, as they held him to just 136 net passing yards. A big story last week, Matt Pryor was a massive liability at tackle, so the Colts once again decided to shuffle the offensive line and started him at right guard while moving Braden Smith back to tackle. The quick releases somewhat masked how awful he was, but Pryor was still clearly the weakest link out there, as he allowed 5 pressures. In the game winning pass, had Ryan been a tenth of a second later with the pass, it would have been a sack because Pryor got beat bad. Looking at the brightside of the line, the players that were supposed to be good, were actually good this game, as Nelson/Kelly/Smith all had amazing games. The run blocking still needs some work, but watching Ryan not get massacred every single play was encouraging. Shoutout to Dennis Kelly who did an admirable job at left tackle, and could very easily be the starter the rest of the year. Tyquan Lewis was great filling in for the injured Kwity Paye, as he racked up 5 pressures and was perhaps the Colts’ best defensive lineman on Sunday.