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Week 4 Game Day Thread: Colts vs Titans

It's time for a matchup against the team everyone thought the Colts would be battling for the AFC South title this season. It appears the Jags might be the bigger competition this year, as I predicted in the offseason.

Give me a second. Messed up my shoulder from patting myself on the back so hard.

Anyway, I'm going to go with the Colts in this one (shocker). They'll move to 2-1-1 as they continue the march to 15-1-1. The game will be close until late in the third when Shaq takes away the ball and the Titans' souls. 24-10 sounds just about right. JT has a couple of scores, and Pittman gets the other. Fantasy owners around the world rejoice... except for Henry owners. Colts hold him under 100 yards with no TDs.