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Colts’ Matchups to Watch: Week 7 @Titans

Tennessee Titans v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Matt Pryor vs. Jeffery Simmons

This will be the biggest matchup to follow on Sunday, as it is also the most one-sided one in a position where the Titans can wreak havoc on the Colts’ offensive gameplan. Simmons has been once again a dominant force on the interior, racking up pressures at will, and dominating one-on-one matchups. Pryor on the other hand, has looked equally incompentent at tackle and at guard, getting beat on what seems like every other play. The Colts will most likely be forced to double-team Simmons every single snap, so another matchup to look out for is Nelson versus Autry as he will be on an island all game long.

DeForest Buckner vs. Nate Davis

Buckner has been playing really well over the past two weeks, racking up 3 sacks and looking much better than the first 4 weeks. The Titans’ right guard Nate Davis has been among the best guards in the NFL over the last two seasons, and is probably on the list of most underrated players in the league right now, but he is dealing with some injury issues that could slow him down come Sunday.

Colts’ Run D vs. Derrick Henry

Henry ran wild over the Colts’ on the first half of their previous matchup, but what was contained throughout the course of the second half. After that, the Colts run defense collapsed against the Jaguars, allowing over 250 rushing yards and two explosive ones over 40 yards. The Titans rely a lot on Henry to carry their entire offense, now more than ever, so stopping the run will be imperative on Sunday.

MPJ / Alec Pierce vs. Kristian Fulton / Roger McCreary

The Colts relied heavily on their passing game against the Jaguars last Sunday, and it worked in big part because of the performances by #1 and #2 receivers Michael Pittman Jr. and rookie Alec Pierce. Fulton and McCreary are a solid cornerback tandem, but Pittman seems to have Fulton’s number, having torched him several times before, while Pierce vs. McCreary will certainly be a fun matchup to watch.

Yannick Ngakoue vs. Dennis Daley

Yannick Ngakoue had a great game last time going up against Titans’ backup tackle Dennis Daley, and the Colts will need him to once again do the same in order to pressure Tannehill consistently throughout the game. Kwity Paye will most likely not be ready to go for Sunday, so most of the weight of making Tannehill uncomfortable will fall on Ngakoue.