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Colts Podcast: Will Indy take the lead in the AFC South this weekend?

The Colts really need this win.

Syndication: The Tennessean Armond Feffer, IndyStar / USA TODAY NETWORK

The Colts season has been a roller coaster thus far. New QB Matt Ryan has had moments of greatness (4 4th quarter comebacks already) and moments of insanity (the fumbles!!) while the offense line has been playing rotating chairs. It all came together last week with both Jonathan Taylor and Nyheim Hines out and Indianapolis may finally be figuring out what their offense should look like this year.

We talk about this and their matchup against the Titans on our latest preview podcast. Topics include:

  • The critical injuries on the Titans offensive line and at wide receiver and what it may mean for their offense this week
  • The Colts offense getting back Taylor and Hines and why the team should flip the script and use the pass to setup the run
  • What’s going on with Shaquille Leonard?
  • The Colts up and down defense and why there’s still a lot to like about this unit
  • The frustrating tendency of this coaching staff to insist on playing guys like Matt Pryor and Brandon Facyson when there are other options available
  • Predictions for the game
  • So much more

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