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Short Win Streak Causes Uptick in Colts Fans Confidence Before Week 7 at Titans

Colts fans are feeling a little bit better, but will it last against a divisional rival—who’s simply gotten the better of them.

Tennessee Titans v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Indianapolis Colts (3-2-1) fans have an uptick in confidence following the team’s first win streak of the young season—as a majority of the Horseshoe’s faithful believe the franchise is now headed in the right direction:

The Colts will face a tough challenge this week (+2.5) as they travel to the ‘Music City’ to take on their divisional rival, the Tennessee Titans (3-2), for the top of the AFC South.

The Titans are the two-time reigning divisional champ and have won four straight games against the Colts—as their bitter rival has clearly had Indianapolis’s number recently.

That being said, nearly 70% of Colts fans surprisingly believe that the Horseshoe can pull off the road upset:

They’ll certainly be aided in their winning cause by the fact that NFL First-Team All-Pro running back Jonathan Taylor is expected to play on Sunday—as he may be fully recovered from a lingering high ankle sprain.

Almost 80% of Colts fans believed that Taylor would play, and it looks like they’ll be correct in their predictions—barring no unforeseen setback on Sunday:

However, the Colts will be without another NFL First-Team All-Pro, linebacker Shaquille Leonard, who Indianapolis wants to give at least another week to recover from a concussion, back, and nose injury—as he works himself back from recent inactivity.

65% of Colts fans got this one right, as ‘The Maniac’ has already been ruled out:

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