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Week 7 Colts vs. Titans Highlights

Highlights from Colts vs. Jags on 10/23/2022

Syndication: The Tennessean George Walker IV / / USA TODAY NETWORK

Another game against the Tennessee Titans results in yet another loss for the Indianapolis Colts. This game was incredibly frustrating to watch because the offense was putrid. More specifically the offensive line was bad enough to limit the teams ability to move the ball with consistency. Matt Ryan can’t throw the interceptions he threw today, he has to be better even though he wasn’t the biggest problem the Colts had. And before you go there, even though the refs seemed to be unaware how to call a facemask and one no-call resulted in the next play turning into a pick-six that completely changed the entire course of the game, if you can’t score more than 10 points at the professional level, you can’t expect to win many games.

The offense is bad, but we all need to take some time to appreciate what we’re seeing from the Colts defense. It is an elite unit that is being overshadowed by one of the worst offenses in the NFL. So lets be sure to give the defense the credit it deserves when we’re talking about the 2022 Indianapolis Colts. With this in mind, the highlights this week will all share a theme.

Let’s get to the highlights.

First Quarter

E.J. Speed has been good in his expanded role this season, here he gets a nice stop against Derrick Henry.


Kenny Moore came up big on third and 9, getting a nice sack that forced the Titans to punt.

Second Quarter

Grover Stewart!

Grover Stewart is absolutely flourishing in Gus Bradley’s attacking front defense. It’s great to see such a likeable guy reaching his potential as a player and having the stat sheet match.

Yannick With The Sack

Already down by more points than the Colts offense would score today, Yannick Ngakoue comes up with a sack that ends the half. This was big, considering the Colts would receive the second half kickoff.

Third Quarter

QB Hits Matter

DeForest Buckner came through on third down, applied pressure and got a hit in on Ryan Tannehill. It was another good play from the Indy defense that, once again, got the Titans offense off the field.

Fourth Quarter


Right place, right time for Bobby Okereke who fell on this one and secured the turnover.

Okereke in Coverage

Here Okereke makes a great stop in coverage on third down that forces the Titans to kick a long field goal and give the offense yet another chance.

Final Thoughts

This pretty well encapsulates how I feel about today’s game. They didn’t give up a single touchdown and the Colts still found a way to lose. I am more than a little surprised to be saying this seven weeks into the season but Gus Bradley is doing a great job with the defense. Sure he stubbornly played Brandon Facyson over Isiah Rodgers for weeks (Rodgers finally started in week seven) and he isn’t using Kenny Moore as well as Matt Eberflus and his staff was able to but on the whole, Bradley has done a great job making the most of a very talented defensive unit.

If the Colts don’t make a move at the trade deadline for help along the offensive line, I don’t know how much better we can expect things to get for the other side of the ball. It’s a longshot but keep your fingers crossed.