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Colts’ Fantasy Waiver Wire: Add Sam Ehlinger whatever the cost

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

As we all know by now, there is a new starting quarterback for the Colts, as Sam Ehlinger will take over Matt Ryan’s job next Sunday against the Commanders, and he certainly is an enticing fantasy option. Keeping in mid how bad the quarterback position has been in the fantasy landscape this season other than the top options, with quarterbacks like Kyler Murray and Russell Wilson fading into obscurity, fantasy managers are left scrambling for options, and the Texas Savior might be the answer to your prayers.

Sam Ehlinger’s college stats

Passing Pct. Y/A TD INT
Passing Pct. Y/A TD INT
2017 57.50% 7 11 7
2018 64.70% 7.7 25 5
2019 65.20% 8.1 32 10
2020 60.20% 8 26 5
Running Att. Yards Avg. TD
2017 114 381 3.3 2
2018 164 482 2.9 16
2019 163 663 4.1 7
2020 113 377 3.3 8

Yeah, you never know, and college stats don’t extrapolate perfectly to the NFL, and he was a 6th round pick... whatever. That amount of college production does not come without talent, and he was playing in what was a broken program in Texas. Ehlinger clearly has talent, he has the legs to scramble and survive broken pockets, he reportedly is a great leader and has impeccable work ethic. Simply put, Ehlinger looks ready (on paper) to be the guy moving forward. Reich also stated that no matter what Ryan’s injury status is, Ehlinger is the starter for the rest of the season, so this is not just a streaming option for the next two to three weeks, but a great move for the rest of the season.

In conclusion, take a gamble on Ehlinger. Scrambling quarterbacks always have a higher ceiling, and Reich is an offensive genius that will no doubt manage to get the best out of a guy with the mobility and athleticism Ehlinger has. The young quarterback out of Texas is by far the most important waiver add in fantasy this week.