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Auditing the Colts Team Needs: Its A Quarterback-Driven League

The Colts have benched Matt Ryan for the remainder of the season, driving home the need at quarterback.

NFL: OCT 23 Colts at Titans Photo by Bryan Lynn/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Auditing the Colts Team Needs

The Colts fell to the Titans Sunday by a score of 19-10. The team gave up 0 touchdowns to the Titan's offense on the day but lost the turnover battle 3-1. This loss had the largest ripple effect on the team's 2022 season, as a huge personnel move would come not even 24 hours later. This brings us to week four of “Auditing the Colts’ Team Needs.” To check out the previous installment, click HERE.

Each week I will be ranking the team’s needs via positional groups. From 1, the largest need, down through the team’s most established and proven position groups. I will also highlight two that stood out from the past game and discuss where the positions stand, good or bad.

The present and future are being considered when making these rankings. Each week the play of the position groups can result in a move up or down on the team needs list.

Team Needs:

  1. Quarterback (Last Week: 4)
  2. Right Guard (Last Week: 1
  3. Left Tackle (Last Week: 3)
  4. Center (Last Week: 2)
  5. Punter/Kicker (Last Week: 5)
  6. Edge Rusher (Last Week: 8)
  7. Right Tackle (Last Week: 7)\
  8. Cornerback (Last Week: 10)
  9. Wide Reciever (Last Week: 4)
  10. Tight End (Last Week: 7)
  11. Safety (Last Week: 11)
  12. Linebacker (Last Week: 12)
  13. Interior Defensive Line (Last Week: 13)
  14. Left Guard (Last Week: 14)
  15. Running Back (Last Week: 15)


The Quarterback carousel in Indianapolis has been spinning nonstop since August 24th of 2019, when then Franchise QB Andrew Luck announced his retirement from the NFL. However, Sunday's poor performance from Matt Ryan led to yet another QB move for the team, as they announced Sam Ehlinger would be the starter for the remainder of the season. In the loss to Tennessee, Ryan completed 33/44 passes for 243 yards while throwing two interceptions and just one touchdown pass. One of the two interceptions was a pick 6, which would go down on the day as the only touchdown scored for the Titans.

After reviewing the tape from the performance, the team decided it was best to bench the 37-year-old QB and will instead roll with backup Sam Ehlinger for the remainder of the season. This may have seemed like a shock to many, but changes had to be made after an abysmal start to the year on offense. Whether the QB deserves all the blame or not, the performance under center has not been good enough. So, barring Ehlinger shocking fans, the team, and, to be honest, the world, QB becomes the clear largest need for the Colts for the remainder of the year and on into the future.