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Colts Podcast: Will Sam Ehlinger start this new QB era with a win against the Commanders?

And will Frank Reich survive this season?

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Tennessee Titans Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The Colts are an enigma. With one of the worst offenses in the league, they still somehow rank 7th in passing, but 30th in rushing with one of the best running backs in the league. They have benched Matt Ryan, who has 4 4th quarter comebacks this year but has as many interceptions as he does touchdowns. They’re moving forward with a complete unknown at QB in Sam Ehlinger in a boom or bust move that fans have wanted to see.

How will this one play out? You may as well use a random word generator, because this game against the Commanders feels like it could go a thousand different ways. We talk about it on our latest preview podcast.

Topics include:

  • The return of Shaquille Leonard
  • The performance of the defense overall, and why they are a big part of the reason the Colts are somehow still in contention to win the AFC South
  • The disappointing year for Kenny Moore
  • The struggles of the offensive line and which player being a starter remains the biggest mystery
  • The potential of Sam Ehlinger and what we can reasonably expect from him in his first start
  • So much more

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