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Colts Fans Confidence Dips, But the Horseshoe Faithful Believe Sam Ehlinger Will Win 1st Career Start

The Colts have had a surprisingly disappointing start to the season, which included the benching of veteran Matt Ryan.

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Indianapolis Colts IndyStar-USA TODAY NETWORK

Indianapolis Colts fans’ confidence has dipped again (at 35% that the team is headed in the right direction), after the team lost again to the Tennessee Titans (+10.5)—which ended their lone win streak of the season, albeit that was short-lived (two games):

That being said, almost 80% of Colts fans believe that newly promoted Colts starting quarterback Sam Ehlinger will win his first career start this Sunday.

The 2nd-year Ehlinger goes head-to-head against the Washington Commanders (+3) and their quarterback Taylor Heinicke—who’s filling in for relief of the injured Carson Wentz, who will miss out on any potential opportunity for a ‘revenge game’ of sorts on Halloween’s eve:

Instead, the biggest drama of the afternoon may be between Colts team owner Jim Irsay and the Commanders Dan Synder who may exchange glares between the Lucas Oil Stadium owners’ boxes—after Irsay’s pointed comments about Snyder’s league removal.

The majority of Colts fans were correct that 4x NFL All-Pro linebacker Shaquille Leonard will return for Sunday’s game against the Commanders. As the emotional leader of the Colts defense, Leonard should bring additional energy, speed, and playmaking to the unit’s second level:

That being said, no longer in the driver’s seat of the AFC South—having been swept by the Titans, most Colts fans don’t think their team will make the playoffs, even still playing in one of the poorer divisions in football.

Sam Ehlinger may bring a spark, but will it ultimately be enough? Most Colts fans think no.