All is Not Lost. Denver is Winnable. The Key is our TEs.

My View:

Call up Philip Lindsay, and plan on putting Taylor on a snap count. I'd only be looking at bringing in Taylor more IF the O-Line can show that they are capable of opening up holes for the running game.

If he's just going to spend the next game running into the backs of the O-Line, don't risk making him worse - and losing him for more games.

This team is missing Jack Doyle and TY Hilton ton. Doyle from an overall blocking standpoint, and TY from an offensive leadership position (being the security blanket). They are leaning on Ryan to do too much too soon as ANOTHER QB replacement this season.

The defense is still performing because Shaq and Buckner are there. This is Ballard's doing. He focused on pinching pennies more than the cohesiveness.

Outside of Ryan (who's new), there aren't really any leaders on that offense. That is what is killing this team.

I am still praying that Reich wakes up one day and hands over playcalling duties to Marcus Brady. He's great as a CEO, but has shown time and again that he needs to hang it up as the game day OC.



Stick to 12, 22, and 13 personnel sets. I know there's a desire to get more WRs involved in the game (02), but you can't afford it from a protection, and matchup standpoint until your O-Line proves it can handle these stunts and blitzes.

In 12 and 13 personnel sets, someone needs to play Doyle's role. (This has been lacking a great deal this season, and its been one of the main reasons why Taylor can't get going).

Run and pass out of this personnel grouping. Keep the defense guessing on where the ball will end up next. Right now the team telegraphs running and passing plays. This is causing the defense to crash down and shut down the run.

Also, this is week three of asking where are the stretch and misdirection plays? Where are the wham blocks? Taylor has a patient running style and it seems like we completely forgot how to use him in the play calling.

This is a short week, but its a very, very winnable game. We just need to identify our mismatches and exploit them until Denver shows they can stop it. Frank just needs to stop being fancy. Probe for the weakness, and spam the x button until they stop it.

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