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Week 8 Game Day Thread: Colts vs Commanders

So begins the Sam Ehlinger era. Obviously, this is the beginning of a HoF career where Sam battles the likes of Mahomes, Allen, Herbert, and Jackson over the AFC for the next decade or so.

As for today, I'm expecting the offense to come out throwing for the first drive or two to try to catch Washington and their leaky pass defense off guard with a young QB who has never thrown a pass in a regular season game. Then, I expect Reich to roll out the shiny new (refurbished?) RPO-centric offense. This should help the linemen by turning them primarily into run blockers, and because the defensive linemen will have to focus on holding their gaps before pressuring the QB until they know JT doesn't have the ball.

I'm going to guess we get an ugly, low scoring first half from these two weak offenses and solid defenses. The Colts will find their rhythm in the second half and pull away slightly.

Sam passes for 250 yards, rushes for 30+ yards, and has two total touchdowns and one turnover.

JT rushes for 100+ yards, which is no easy feat against this defense, in his return.

Shaq finally returns and forces his first turnover of the season, even though he's playing on a pitch count.

Final score: Colts 27 - Commanders 16