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Colts’ Stat of the Game: Week 4 vs. Titans

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Indianapolis Colts IndyStar-USA TODAY NETWORK

The Simple: Colts once again lose the turnover battle, this time 3-0.

This is the biggest reason why the Colts are in the hole they are right now, constantly losing the turnover battle. Not only is the defense, which is missing their most game-breaking playmaker in Shaquille Leonard, ranks third worst in turnovers forced, but the offense is second in giveaways. This is just not a good recipe to win football games, and is the main reason the Colts lost to the Titans on Sunday. There was a fumble by Ryan on a sack by Denico Autry, who destroyed Quenton Nelson, there was the interception by Tart after the tipped pass at the line, and the probably the worst of all was the fumble by Jonathan Taylor late in the game on third down. The Colts offense is just way too sloppy with the ball. I am not going to overly criticize the defense for not creating turnovers, as they have been doing a more than decent job preventing points, which is more important, and they are missing the player that causes the most turnovers in the NFL.

The Complicated: Tannehill at 80% completion rate, Colts allowing the 6th highest completion percentage. Just 1.7 yards per rush.

Titans’ quarterback Ryan Tannehill finished the game at 80% completion rate, and the Colts’ defense is now allowing the 6th highest completion percentage in the NFL. Opposing teams are dinking and dunking their way down the field too easily against this team, and it is one of the main issues with Gus Bradley’s defense at the moment. The pass rush managed to pressure Tannehill consistently, but he was still finding open guys on short and intermediate routes. The other number that explains why the Colts lost to the Titans is that the running game got just 1.7 yards per rushing attempt. Jonathan Taylor ranks second in the NFL in missed tackles forced, so he is clearly not the main problem here. The offensive line has been terrible, the worst I have seen in many years for the Colts. Offensive line coach Chris Strausser should be fired right away, and Ballard needs to be punished for his arrogance and trying to be smarter than everybody else by starting a player with no NFL experience at right guard, and a journeyman with no prior experience at left tackle in the most important position of the line.