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Week 5 TNF Game Thread: Colts at Broncos

It's time for a midweek showdown with the Broncos. The fan base has almost completely turned on the team. There are calls for firing everyone at every level of the organization. The sky has fallen. A thousand years of darkness is upon us. There is absolutely no way that the Colts could ever possibly come back from the first four weeks of an eighteen week season. It's impossible! Over! Done! No chance! Zero! None!

That's exactly why they'll win tonight. They always win these games when the Chicken Littles of the fan base have taken over. I'm guessing this will be like the "unwinnable" games from last year against the Bills, 49ers, and Pats. The Colts will finally score early and take control of the game, instead of spotting the other team a big lead and scrambling to come from behind.

Colts win and move to .500 as they go into a mini bye week. I was optimistically hoping for 3-2 at this point, so I'll be fine with that. With all that has gone wrong with a new QB in a new offense (Rivers and Wentz at least knew the offense coming in), they can still right the ship before taking a week and a half off.

Final score: 31-20

Get your predictions in, so we can see who is the best at randomly guessing a score today.