Where were the TEs? Like, are we serious right now?

Can someone please explain to me how we manage to ignore one of our biggest weapon groups on offense for nearly an entire game? They led receiving last game, and you don't get them involved until late in the 4th? Seriously?

You've been having protection issues since the start of the season, but no one on the staff thinks to run multiple TEs to help out the tackles? Not even a chip then release?

Instead we choose to telegraph our plays, leave our rookie LT on an island, move our only competent RT to RG, and put the incompetent LT at RT? Like seriously?

Someone please explain to me how this coaching staff manages to get dumber every week????

No real involvement from Mo or Jelani. WTF????????

Why does it feel like Reich finds something that works, then pulls it? Like he purposely wants to make every game harder than it needs to be. This has to be on purpose, right? No one can really be this stupid.

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