Conflicted Colt

This game has be conflicted. It was a terrible game from the offense and I honestly don't see how this team gets any better. The massive reshuffling of the OL put us probably in a worst spot that before. Our blockers don't engage at the hike, we drop back and wait till the defender makes a move on the tackles and makes them look like DIII college tackles. They might as well not even be in the game. Any sort of speed rusher and we are immediately doomed. Ryan has looked terrible so far this year, but i have to blame probably 80% fault on the OL and 20% on Ryan. But enough about the OL and Ryan, we know what they are, not good and the chances of them figuring it out this year, also not good.

On to the conflicted Colt. A W is a W and I am always happy to win, or am I? The only reason this team will make it to the playoffs is on the back of our defense. There were a couple studs out there last night in Gilmore, Thomas, Buckner and Stewart. But this team is not going anywhere if we can't score more than 20 points in a game. So it has be conflicted because we just further our selves from a top 10 pick and a real chance of getting a quality rookie QB. I am all on board on Levis next draft. But we further dig our selves into a hole and having to give up a kings ransom to move up.

I hate mediocrity and that's all this team is. Either suck so we can plan for a bright future, or go all in. But this QB carousel is clearly not working anymore.

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