Jim Is The Problem

Jim is very much the problem. As much as I love Jim's passionate attitude toward the franchise, he's sadly a very delusional human being. The way he had the big kumbaya press conference with Ryan Grigson and Chuck Pagano was a moment when I realized more and more that Irsay, who hired those two goons to begin with, was a major part of the problem in Indy. Here we are yet again with a team in shambles and Jim is acting like this win was a "thing of beauty" which couldn't be further from the truth. Anyone with a pair of eyes could see that this was an ugly game played by both squads. It's going to give Frank Reich a reprieve in the eyes of Jim Irsay, which just kicks the can down the road. Frank's two "wins" this year have come against teams that have completely shot themselves in the foot spite how poorly the Colts were playing.

This isn't a "thing of beauty" at all. In fact, I'm not sure the defense is that great, either, like some were saying. The Broncos offense is a mess led by a coach in Hackett, who might lose his job before his first season is finished. While it was nice to see the defense keep the Broncos out of the end zone all night, if Hackett isn't their coach, and someone with half a brain for football is leading that team, the Colts don't come out of this with a win. It's a dead horse, I know, but it bears repeating to say that Frank Reich is a horrible play caller. We saw the tight ends getting a ton of love the last two weeks, especially last week, and this week the Colts saw 2 passes for 23 yards go to their tight ends. How many times did we see the Colts just run Jackson into a wall of defenders right up the middle? Where were the TE's chipping the defenders when it was so clear to all of us that Raimann was getting torched? Maybe I need to watch the game again (God help me if I do), but so many questionable things were happening on the offense that it makes me sick to think that Irsay can't see what is so crystal clear - Frank is not a good play caller, and yet here we are.

It truly does start at the top, my friends. The man who hired Chris Ballard, who nearly hired Josh McDaniels, who ended up hiring Frank Reich, who keeps giving us washed up quarterbacks and predictably bad play calls is none other than Jim Irsay. You want a scapegoat, fire Frank or Chris. You want to see the real problem, look up, way up. It's Jimmy who is the real issue in Indianapolis. Hell, I live out of state, so I don't even have to pay taxes on the stadium this team craps the bed in every week, so I can't imagine how you all feel in Indiana right now.

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