Random Thoughts at the Quarter + Point of the Season

  1. It's depressing to watch this team and realize how good they could be if the oline was even playing average football (Let alone as the top paid oline in football). I posted during the game last night that, in 40 years of watching NFL football, this is the worst oline I have ever seen.
  2. Unless they want to try him at RG, Pryor should never see the football field again. To say he is a turnstile at tackle is a disservice to turnstiles.
  3. Trying a completely new oline configuration on the short week is malpractice by Strausser and Reich. Why not leave Fries at RG and put Raimman or Kelly in at LT and call it a day?
  4. Pinter is actually serviceable at center - he should never play guard again though.
  5. If Fisher has been staying in shape, Ballard should try to bring him in. At least he could run block and, though he was bad in pass protection, he wasn't Pryor level bad. Otherwise, leave Raimman at LT and see if he can develop. At least he has potential upside - Pryor is what he is at this point.
  6. I see a lot of people jumping all over Matt Ryan. I do blame him for holding the ball too long and being careless with the football, but I truly think the guy has Jeff George syndrome at this point. If anyone remembers George as a rookie, he got the crap beat out of him because the oline was so bad. To me, that ruined him as a QB because he always had happy feat even when there wasn't any pressure. Ryan is dealing with the same issue.
  7. I think the Colts have truly found some playmakers in Pierce, Granson, and Woods. Unfortunately, there's no time to get them involved in the passing game.
  8. I think the RB's are having the same issue as Matt Ryan - the oline has been so bad that, even when there are holes available, they don't hit them right away because they're expecting to get hit in the backfield.
  9. Unless they can get the oline sorted out, Reich needs to seriously adjust his play calling to shorter, quick passing game.
  10. The Colts two wins have primarily been because of poor play by their opponents: putrid special teams play by KC and Hackett's stupidity in Denver. If Hackett kicks a field goal on Denver's last drive in regulation, the Broncos win that game.
  11. If Paye is out for an extended period, it's going to have a noticeable impact on both the run defense and pass defense.
  12. Since Irsay continues to get all excited after every Colts victory, apparently all Frank needs to do is sprinkle in some wins every 2-3 games and he should survive the season.
  13. It won't happen, but Reich and Strausser should be fired today and Pryor should be released.

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