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BREAKING: Colts Trade Nyheim Hines to the Buffalo Bills

The Colts are sending Nyheim Hines to the Bills

NFL: Washington Commanders at Indianapolis Colts IndyStar-USA TODAY Sports

Last night news broke that the Indianapolis Colts had received multiple offers for running back Nyheim Hines:

Local reporters confirmed the report shortly after:

And now the Colts, themselves, have confirmed these rumors by trading Nyheim Hines to the Buffalo Bills.

Jay Glazer is reporting the following:

The Colts get a conditional 6th-round pick and RB Zach Moss and at face value, it’s tough to see the appeal of this deal if it were for any reason other than sending a good guy to a contender.

A smaller, pass-catching back with blazing 4.3-second speed, Hines caught no fewer than 40 passes in a season and topped out at 63 receptions, twice- once in 2018 and again in 2020. But as a fifth-year pro he never really found the footing in Frank Reich’s offense that many believed he would after being drafted in the fourth round (pick 104) out of N.C. State. Many believed that he could become an all-purpose gadget player, moving around the offense thriving in a diverse role, and allowing the offense to use him in interesting formations and schemes.

While the Colts did some of that with Hines, it never felt cohesive for whatever reason. Whether he was misused or his limitations in the offense were due to reasons outside of anyone’s control, we can absolutely speculate but can’t be sure. What we will get to see is how the Bills will use him in their offense moving forward.

Another aspect of Hines’ game that cannot be overlooked is what he provides on special teams. Hines is an excellent punt returner and that impact should not be ignored. Moving forward we should all expect to see more Keke Coutee and Isiah Rodgers fielding kicks and punts for the Colts.

More than anything Nyheim Hines seemed like a great teammate and person. He was selfless, never complaining when touches didn’t come his way. He sacrificed his body on returns and running between the tackles and he always got back up and did it again. Nyheim Hines is the kind of guy you think of when you think of guys who were good Colts. Guys like Ken Dilger, Dominic Rhodes, Gary Bracket, and T.Y. Hilton- guys who came to work every day, made plays, went home, and then did it all over again the next day.

Nyheim Hines might not be a Colt anymore but we’ll always have memories like this: