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Matchups to Watch: Week 9 @Raiders

Las Vegas Raiders v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Dennis Kelly vs. Maxx Crosby

This will most likely be a complete an utter bloodbath. The Colts just allowed a big game to Patiriots’ pass rusher Matt Judon, and Crosby is much more dangerous than him. It could get ugly rather quickly on this one, and I would not be surprised if Crosby finishes the game with double-digit pressures.

Michael Pittman Jr. vs. Rock Ya-Sin

This one is sentimental more than anything else, as the Colts traded Ya-Sin in the offseason to the Raiders in exchange for pass rusher Yannick Ngakoue. Ya-Sin has blossomed into one of the top cornerbacks in the NFL, and has been having a really nice season with Las Vegas. Hopefully Michael Pittman can break his slump against him and make Colts’ fans feel a little bit better about the trade.

Braden Smith vs. Chandler Jones

Braden Smith has been the only Colts’ offensive lineman that has not showed noticeable regression this season, as he was even dependable when asked to be moved back to guard for a game. He will most likely be facing Chandler Jones throughout the game, as the Raiders would be wise to pit Crosby against whoever is starting for the Colts in the left side of the line. Smith has struggled against speed rushers in the past (most noticeably Josh Allen), so it will be a challenging day for him.

Colts’ IDL vs. Raiders’ guards

The Raiders’ guards, Dylan Parham and Alex Bars have struggled so far this season, as neither of them has proved solid for Derek Carr. The Colts’ interior defensive line is probably among this team’s biggest strengths, with the always reliable DeForest Buckner and the emerging Grover Stewart. They will be particularly important in the running game, as the Colts try to contain Josh Jacobs, who has struggled the past two games.

Jeff Saturday making his coaching debut

In the end, the biggest storyline come Sunday, will be former Colts’ center Jeff Saturday making his coaching debut. He is clearly not a strategist, but more of a motivator, and this team was desperately needing some motivation. Win or lose, I just want to see the Colts go out and play with some fire, I have never seen a Colts team more apathetic than this one, and that is the one thing I cannot tolerate as a fan.