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Colts Podcast: Will the Jeff Saturday experiment succeed in Las Vegas?

Can the former Colts great help turn around this disastrous season?

NFL: Washington Commanders at Indianapolis Colts IndyStar-USA TODAY Sports

If nothing else, the Colts are an interesting team right now. It’s not often that a team that is virtually out of the playoff race is the talk of the media. They still have to play the games, though, and while the off-field stuff is where the interest lies, we want to talk about the actual games.

We do that on our latest preview podcast. Topics include:

  • The loss of Shaquille Leonard to injured reserve and whether or not we think he’ll be back this season
  • The state of the Raiders and why this game may be a battle for a top 10 pick in 2023
  • The woefully bad Las Vegas pass rush and why Maxx Crosby may still get his in this game
  • The potential for a bounce back game from the Colts and why it still may not be enough
  • The potential for Jonathan Taylor to have a nice game on the ground, with the depth behind him being so poor
  • So much more

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