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Malott’s Believe It or Not Week 10

A nearly weekly DFS, FF and sports betting blog!

Indianapolis Colts v New England Patriots Photo by Kathryn Riley/Getty Images

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Last week, I was on the tail end of a nearly 70-hour work week helping the elderly and the poor with their healthcare dovetailing into the 2022 Soldiers to Sidelines/New York Jets Football Coaching Certification, which, paired nicely with my already 11+ hour days means last week I sat in this chair for 13 12 hours per day most of last week and couldn’t bring myself to think about writing about it as well (honestly don’t know how I could have actually done it now that I think about it due to time constraints.)

I didn’t record a podcast and didn’t write about sports. It probably kept me sane in the wake of the Colts firing Frank Reich and hiring Jeff Saturday. I still contend I have more training and experience as a football coach than the current Indianapolis Colts head coach and more playcalling experience than Parks Frazier, but it turns out that it’s all about who you know, right? Sobs. Fun fact, if you’ve coached your kids, you’re technically more qualified than these guys! Jim Irsay wants his Frodo to have already seen the fires of Mount Doom, apparently.

Sports Betting

This morning, the Seattle Seahawks are going to beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers straight up in Munich. I would absolutely take the Minnesota Vikings +6.5 because that’s a million points and SKOL is 7-1, mostly winning tight contests against bad teams amirite? I suppose there’s a world where the Bills blow the Vikings out and that’s called a hedged bet, friends! I think the Titans -2.5 hold at home as do the Giants -5. I want to make a joke where I believe the Jacksonville Jaguars +9 have life against the Chiefs (they don’t, really.) and the Colts +4 on the road playing the shorthanded Las Vegas Raiders (road game against a short-handed opponent your new, wholly unqualified head coach gave bulletin board material to makes his debut against with a rickety offensive line and a green quarterback). Colts head coach Jeff Saturday Tweeted about how bad the Raiders were before getting the job just a couple of weeks earlier (like in October). Again, Part of me says take the points any time it’s over 3.5 and win more. Both the Jaguars and Colts could get blown out today (that’s kind of what Vegas is saying).

Fantasy Football

I went WR heavy in my only cash league this year, nabbing Diggs, Waddle and AB. I’m supposed to win my week by 30 points, probably won’t and if I do lose, I think this puts me out of the playoffs at 4-5. Win and we’re alive. Lose and we’re dead. I Cut Down on fantasy football to take coaching certifications so I can help breathe life into the game I love. Forgive me. I do have a fantasy football league I’m also bubbling on whether or not I’ll make the playoffs again at 4-5. I’m mad at the SB staff for goading me into taking JT over Run CMC. There. I said it. I’m also 6-3 and every week is a breeze in a league where I have Lamar Jackson, Travis Kelce and bodies.

Daily Fantasy Football (DFS)

All $s per Draftkings.

I put $20 on a team last week and made $5 back! I used my usual strategy of sorting by points per game average and picking the value players at each position. I did change a bit and beefed up at WR and RB in a spot or two, though. I’m working on it! This week, I like Tua or Justin Fields at $6,700 and $6,700 as my starting QBs. The narrative going into this game today, for me, is Justin Jefferson versus Stefon Diggs. I want both of them on my roster today. They’re both over $8,000 each, so we’re going to have to stretch. I picked the Colts defense because honestly who is suiting up for the Raiders today? Mack Hollins is the answer, so I picked him up. I picked up Najee Harris and Kareem Hunt under $5,500 each and was torn between Hockenson and Dulcich at TE, so Hock got my Flex. It’s $3 and it wins over $100k. May the gods bless this lineup.

What about you? How’s your season going? Any coaches? How are you leagues? Who’s your Super Bowl pick? Mine’s Philly/KC or Philly/Buffalo. Are the Colts going to lose every game? I doubt that but probably most of them. What other questions do you have?