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Week 10 Post Game Wrap

A Quick Video Talking Colts Win!

Indianapolis Colts v Las Vegas Raiders Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

After every #Colts game, I make a short video explaining why the Colts won or lost and who they play next. This week, the Colts held on late on the road and beat the now 2-7 Las Vegas Raiders. The cherry on top might be the firing of Josh McDaniels. Who knows what’ll happen!?

I’d reiterate that this was the Raiders, but the Colts were a 4-point underdog, on the road, having just fired their beloved head coach, and managed to hold off the home team Raiders and are now 4-5-1 and host the Philadelphia Eagles next week. The Eagles are undefeated, largely considered the best team in the NFL, so of course the Colts will beat them as well. I have no doubts!

What’d you think? Was it just me or did the Colts pass rush leave more to be desired? There were a bunch of drops today, too. Great win, though!